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Innovative X-Trades

Another masterclass in innovative X-Trades solutions from Lysander Shipping.

Recently, one of our good customers came to us with a challenge.

They had 3 x OOG second-hand forklifts to be moved from Morocco to the Philippines.

Due to the special equipment imbalance all around the world these days, it was not possible to find a FCL carrier prepared to move it from Morocco to Philippines directly- and with there also not being any direct RO/RO services available, we had to be extra innovative in finding a workable solution within a realistic budget for our client. The conclusion being that we constructed a solution, whereby we transported by flat racks to a European main port and transferred on bond, over to another European main port. From there we loaded onto a RO/RO vessel to Patangas.

Job done! On time and on budget.

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