Vital facemasks to Italy - Covid-19

Face-shields to Italy.

Due to an existing relationship with a Chinese exporter, who usually produce plastic packaging, Lysander Shipping, Genoa have recently arranged a shipment of over half a million face-shields to be used in hospitals around Northern Italy.

With the help of our Hong Kong partner, the Chinese exporter has managed to switch production from plastic packaging to plastic medical masks in an effort to assist in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lysander have been co-ordinating with the Italian government representatives and our Hong Kong partner, in order to ensure the first 750,000 arrive over 5 large airfreight shipments during March and early April.

After careful discussion with the customs authorities we were able to give instructions to the importer on how to issue the documents in order to import the masks free of duties and benefit from a smooth and fast customs procedure, considering the exceptional circumstances and urgent nature of the cargo.

The face-shields are used by hospital staff in the Lombardia region of Italy, an area with the highest registered cases in the world since the beginning of the pandemic.
In addition to the 750,000 a shipment of 5 containers are currently on their way from Hong Kong, with even more face-shields.

During this time of global emergency, where hospital staff in Italy and around the world are performing heroic acts in the fight against this terrible pandemic, we hope we can play a small part in the effort to fight it.